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Mesh Screen Discs

SizeGritBox QuantityItem Number 
13"12010VA 414-13120Order
13"15010VA 414-13150Order
13"6010VA 414-13060Order
13"8010VA 414-13080Order
16"10010VA 414-16100Order
16"12010VA 414-16120Order
16"15010VA 414-16150Order
17"10010VA 414-17100Order
17"12010VA 414-17120Order
17"15010VA 414-17150Order
20"10010VA 414-20100Order
20"12010VA 414-20120Order
20"15010VA 414-20150Order
17"6010VA 414-17060Order
17"8010VA 414-17080Order
20"6010VA 414-20060Order
20"8010VA 414-20080Order
  • Round Abrasive Discs for Sanding Applications


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