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Bosch SDS-Max Speed-X Carbide Concrete Bits

DescriptionSize(DaimeterxUsable LengthxOverall Length)Item Number 
SDS-Max Shank9/16"X8"X13"BV HC5015Order
SDS-Max Shank1/2"X24"X29"BV HC5013Order
SDS-Max Shank1/2"X16"X21"BV HC5011Order
SDS-Max Shank1/2"X8"X13"BV HC5010Order
SDS-Max Shank3/8"X8"X13"BV HC5005Order
SDS-Max Shank5/8"X31"X36"BV HC5023Order
SDS-Max Shank5/8"X16"X21"BV HC5021Order
SDS-Max Shank5/8"X8"X13"BV HC5020Order
SDS-Max Shank9/16"X16"X21"BV HC5016Order
SDS-Max Shank3/4"X31"X36"BV HC5033Order
SDS-Max Shank3/4"X16"X21"BV HC5031Order
SDS-Max Shank3/4"X8"X13"BV HC5030Order
SDS-Max Shank5/8"X24"X29"BV HC5024Order
SDS-Max Shank3/4"X24"X29"BV HC5034Order
SDS-Max Shank7/8"X8"X13"BV HC5040Order
SDS-Max Shank1"X16"X21"BV HC5051Order
SDS-Max Shank1"X8"X13"BV HC5050Order
SDS-Max Shank7/8"X16"X21"BV HC5041Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/8"X16"X21"BV HC5061Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/8"X8"X13"BV HC5060Order
SDS-Max Shank1"X24"X29"BV HC5054Order
SDS-Max Shank1"X31"X36"BV HC5053Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/4"X16"X21"BV HC5071Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/4"X8"X13"BV HC5070Order
SDS-Max Shank1 3/8"X24"X29"BV HC5082Order
SDS-Max Shank1 3/8"X16"X21"BV HC5081Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/4"X31"X36"BV HC5073Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/4"X24"X29"BV HC5072Order
SDS-Max Shank2"X16"X21"BV HC5099Order
SDS-Max Shank1 3/4"X16"X21"BV HC5098Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/2"X31"X36"BV HC5093Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/2"X24"X29"BV HC5092Order
SDS-Max Shank1 1/2"X16"X21"BV HC5091Order

Benefits: SDS-max® SpeedX? Rotary Hammer Bits

  • Increased flute geometry for faster dust removal and less vibration
  • Bosch carbide rotary hammer bits feature tips that stay sharper longer and deliver more holes within their ANSI specification than competitors’ bits.


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