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Large Diameter Floor Sanding Discs

SizeQuantityGritItem Number 
15" X 2"20100VA 007-15294Order
15" X 2"2036VA 007-15236Order
15" X 2"2060VA 007-15260Order
15" X 2"2080VA 007-15280Order
16" X 2"2080VA 007-16280Order
16" X 2"20100VA 007-16294Order
15" X 2"2016VA 007-15216Order
15" X 2"2020VA 007-15220Order
16" X 2"2036VA 007-16236Order
16" X 2"2050VA 007-16250Order
16" X 2"2060VA 007-16260Order
17" X 2"2080VA 007-17280Order
17" X 2"20100VA 007-17294Order
16" X 2"2012VA 007-16212Order
16" X 2"2016VA 007-16216Order
16" X 2"2020VA 007-16220Order
17" X 2"2040VA 007-17240Order
17" X 2"2060VA 007-17260Order
17" X 2"2012VA 007-17212Order
17" X 2"2016VA 007-17216Order
17" X 2"2020VA 007-17220Order
17" X 2"2024VA 007-17224Order
17" X 2"2036VA 007-17236Order
20" X 2"2036VA 007-20236Order
  • Large Diameter Discs for Floor Sanding


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