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Miscellaneous Demolition Steel

DescriptionSizeTypeItem NumberItem Number 
SDS-Max Shank12"SDS-Max Shank for CFSHEADG CFSMAXOrder
Spline Shank12"Spline Shank for CFSHEADG CFSPBOrder
N/AReplacement BladeReplacement Blade for CFSHEADG CFSBLADEOrder
N/AFloor Tool Head Only-Choose ShankIncludes BladeG CFSHEADOrder
SDS-Max Shank3/4"Ground Rod DriverG GRDPM750Order
SDS-Max Shank5/8"Ground Rod DriverG GRDPM625Order
Spline Shank3/4"Ground Rod DriverG GRDPB750Order
Spline Shank5/8"Ground Rod DriverG GRDPB625Order
Hex Shank12"Hex Shank for CFSHEADG CFSHXOrder
SDS-Max Shank4"x15"Clay SpadeG CCLAYTEOrder
Spline Shank4"x15"Clay SpadeG CCLAYOrder
  • Various Demolition Steel for Demolition Hammers-See Description in Chart


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