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Masterpac Surface Finishing Screed

PowerheadScreed LengthWeightItem NumberItem Number 
Honda GX35 4 StrokeN/A28MP PCDHOrder
N/A12 feet30MP PCB-12Order
N/A10 feet25MP PCB-10Order
N/A8 feet22MP PCB-8Order
N/A6 feet18MP PCB-6Order
  • Honda powerhead
  • Specially design, hardened aluminum blade ensuring a smoother finish than
    conventional screeds
  • Heavy rubber mounts to reduce the vibration level on the handle
  • Adjustable handle in height, vertical & horizontal position (optional)
  • The rounded ends of the blade make it easy to go around obstacles
  • The tilt-up stand keeps the engine out of concrete or off the ground when not in use
  • One piece casting body easy connect to engine
  • 7 different working widths: 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft,14ft, 16ft
  • Easily changed blades


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