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Galaxy Core Bit-PCN Two Piece

DescriptionSizeItem Number 
Core Head2 1/2"X5"G PCN2500Order
Core Head2"X5"G PCN2000Order
Core Head1 1/2"X5"G PCN1500Order
Core Head4 1/2"X5"G PCN4500Order
Core Head4"X5"G PCN4000Order
Core Head3 1/2"X5"G PCN3500Order
Core Head3"X5"G PCN3000Order
Spline Shank for Core Head18" ShankG PCNSPL18Order
Spline Shank for Core Head12" ShankG PCNSPL12Order
Core Head5"X5"G PCN5000Order
  • Threaded Core Bit Head Accepts Threaded Shanks
  • Choose PCN Shank Style Separately


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