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A-Taper Concrete Bits

DiameterLengthItem Number 
1/4"12"G A25012Order
1/4"6"G A2506Order
3/8"12"G A37512Order
3/8"6"G A3756Order
1/2"6"G A5006Order
7/16"6"G A4376Order
1/2"9"G A5009Order
5/8"5"G A6255Order
1/2"12"G A50012Order
3/4"9"G A7509Order
3/4"5 1/2"G A7505Order
5/8"18"G A62518Order
5/8"12"G A62512Order
5/8"9"G A6259Order
3/4"18"G A75018Order
  • A Taper Bits for Concrete and Masonry Drilling


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