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Powder Actuated Tool-.22 Caliber

SKU: P P2201

The P2201™ is a low velocity, single shot, .22 caliber tool which can be used to install .300 head drive pins, 8mm head drive pins and 1/4″-20 threaded studs, up to 3″ in total length. The P2201™ is designed for maintenance or residential contractors.

Technical Specifications:

Tool Body – Engineered Plastic & Precision Cast Aluminum
Tool Length – 12 1/2″
Tool Weight – 4.3 lbs.
Pin Length – 1/2″ to 3″
Load Type – .22 Caliber
Powder Level – Gray(1), Brown(2), Green(3) & Yellow(4)

This Kit Includes:
Safety Glasses
Disposable Ear Plugs
Allen Wrenches
Wire Brushes
Tool Lubricant
Spall Guard
.300 Drive Pin Assortment


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