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Grooved Bottom Teflon Seaming Iron

SKU: GU 10-282G

  • Grooved Bottom Iron Helps Prevent Adhesive from Being Squeezed Out & also Leaves it in an Up Position for Better Transfer to the Carpet Backing
  • Teflon Coated Base of the Iron Permits Fast Easy Clean Up
  • Thermostat Control has Four Heat Settings, Gives a Range of 135 – 425 degrees F and is Located Above Carpet Level for Easy Adjustment
  • Indicator Light Goes Out to Signal When Desired Heat is Reached
  • Has Built-In Heat Shield to Protect Carpet Backings from Excessive Heat
  • Insulated Handle Design Stays Cool
  • 3 Way Cord Guide to Keep the Cord Out of the Way
  • Supplied with Instructions & a Stainless Steel Holder
  • Operates on 115V Through a 10 foot 18/3 Wire Cord


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