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General Wire Gen Eye Pod/Mini Pod Camera

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  • Pipe Inspection/Location System
  • POD Features:
  • Sunshield
    7″ LCD monitor in padded case
    Self-Leveling color camera available for full-size POD or Mini-Color camera for MINI-POD
    Flexible gooseneck monitor mount to give you the best viewing angle
    512 Hz Transmitter for easy camera location (Optional on MINI-POD)
    LED Dimmer Control
    Video-Out Connection to record on external device
    8″ wheels on full-size POD to roll easily to and from the job
    Rugged frame and reel with drag brake and reel lock
  • A tough, Gel-Rod® push-rod protects against moisture damage if the rod is cut or abraded. Its Kevlar® braid, fiberglass core, and durable sheath provide for maximum pushing and pulling power.


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