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Electric Salamander Heater

SKU: TPI 08860010

The Fostoria FES-1024-1CA portable electric salamander heater features a safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both the air intake and output openings. It features an adjustable thermostat with settings that range from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The FES-1024-1CA portable electric salamander heater comes with a high limit thermal cutout switch that automatically turns off the heater if it is overheating.

Simple Operation
The Fostoria FES-1024-1CA portable electric salamander heater simply needs to be plugged in for clean, odor-free heat – no fueling or refueling required.

Long Life Heating Elements
The FES-1024-1CA portable electric salamander heater provides heat with long-life finned tubular heating elements.

10 Ft. Cable and Straight Blade Range Plug
This portable electric salamander heater comes with a 10 foot cable and straight blade range plug that is meant for use with a standard range outlet.

Completely Enclosed Motor
The Fostoria FES-1024-1CA features increased airflow, projected heat and quiet operation because of a totally enclosed, turboflow motor.

•Doesn’t require any fuel storage and uses readily available electricity
•No pollutants are released into the air that is being heated
•Required to pass stringent safety tests in order to ensure safe operation and gain an ETL listing
•Features an on, off and thermostat control position on the 3-position switch
•The thermal cutout switch prevents overheating and has auto reset
•Includes rubber feet that reduce vibration and keep the heater in place

•Model: FES-1024-1CA
•Product Type: Portable Electric Salamander Heater
•Product Dimensions: L: 27.00″ x W: 27.00″ x H: 39.00″
•Product Weight: 60.00 lbs.
•Product Color: Yellow
•Application: A great alternative to propane and kerosene industrial heaters
•Warranty: 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty
•Voltage: 240 volts
•Watts: 10000 watts
•Amps: 42 amps
•Certifications: UL
•Heating Capacity: 34130 BTUs
•Heating Method: Fan-Forced
•Construction: Metal
•Air Flow: 800 CFM
•Adjustable Louvers: No
•Installation Type: Plug-In
•Built-In Thermostat: Yes
•Thermostat Type: Single Pole
•Wall Mountable: No
•Ceiling Mountable: No
•Heating Element: Finned tubular heating element
•Temperature Range: 40-100°F
•Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
•Carrying Handle: Yes
•Includes Plug: Yes
•Plug Type: 240V Plug
•Power Cord Length: 10 foot
•Alarm: No
•Automatic Temperature Control: Yes
•Fan Delay Function: No


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