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DZ F278 Dri-Eaz Dehumidifier Replacement Filters

SKU: DZ F278

DescriptionFits ModelItem Number
Replacement FilterModel 2400DZ F278

Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers are designed to be used with High Airflow Filters from 3M. HAF filters allow for maximum airflow, provide superior particle retention, and resist microbial growth on filter surfaces. To ensure maximum protection for equipment, technicians, and the job site, follow these HAF filter guidelines:
• Replace the HAF filter whenever it has been vacuumed clean and reused three times. HAF filters lose their effectiveness after three uses.
• Replace the HAF filter whenever it has been used on a mold remediation job or otherwise exposed to potentially dangerous contaminants. Continued use of a contaminated filter risks the spread of contamination.
• Do not wash or apply any liquids to the HAF filter. Exposure to liquids will reduce the effectiveness of the electrostatic material.
• Do not operate your equipment without the HAF filter in place. Do not operate your equipment with any other filter type. Incorrect filtration will reduce unit efficiency and can cause damage to the unit.
• Do not operate the unit when excessive dust or airborne particles are present. The high volumes of particulates present during sanding, spray painting, or similar operations can clog the unit and cause damage.


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