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Bosch Electric Paving Breaker Steel

DescriptionSizeItem Number 
5" Asphalt Cutter1 1/8"x6"x19"BV HS2167Order
3" Chisel1 1/8"x6"x20 1/2"BV HS2164Order
Narrow Chisel1 1/8"x6"x20 1/2"BV HS2163Order
Moil Point1 1/8"x6"x20 1/2"BV HS2161Order
Tent Stake Driver- Shank OnlyDriver OnlyBV HS2173Order
Tent Stake Driver-Head OnlyHead OnlyBV HS2126Order
Self Sharpening Chisel1 1/8"x6"x16"BV HS2861Order
5 1/2" Clay Spade1 1/8"x6"x21"BV HS2169Order
  • 1 1/8″ Hex With Notch for Internal Locking
  • Use with Bosch Brute or 11335 “The Jack” Paving Breakers


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