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Aggressor Auger Teeth & Parts

TeethDescriptionApplicationItem Number 
n/aCarriage Boltn/aPG 134677Order
n/aLocknutn/aPG 134527Order
40/50 ToothDirt ToothOrdinary DiggingPG 134501Order
40/50 Tooth-HFFHardfaced 2-sidesAbrasive Soil/ImpactPG 134802Order
40/50 Tooth-CarbideCarbide Insert ToothAbrasive Frozen SoilPG 134519Order
Tri-Flow Bit3-1/2 Dia. Screw Bit, Bolt & NutDirtPG 135088Order
Tri-Flow Pilot Bit HFHardfaced Screw BitAbrasive Soil ImpactPG 135089Order
Tri-Flow Pilot Bit - CarbideCarbide Tipped Screw BitFracturable Rock, Abrasive Soil, No ImpactPG 135090Order
  • Replacement Teeth & Pilot Bits for Aggressor Augers
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